Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fresh and Easy

Reasons why I love them:

1) The benefits they give their employees ("All our employees will be eligible for our comprehensive benefits package, which include affordable medical, prescription drug, dental and vision coverage; with the company picking up a majority of the costs." that's for employees who work 20+ hours per week)
2) All of their dairy products come from cows that are not treated with rSBT
3) I can pronounce all of their ingredients on all of their food items
4) They have special parking spots for hybrid cars
5) Every week I use their $5 off a purchase of $20 or more

See if they are near you:


Heidi :) said...

They are building one thisclose to my apartment. If I were a little taller, I could literally jump the brick wall and be in their parking lot. And while I do not appreciate their construction noise at 5:30am, I'm excited for their grand opening!

Marissa said...

Did you hear Wal-Mart (boo!) is basically copying them and making smaller places called marketplace something?

Heidi :) said...

Yeah, they are all over Vegas, but they are dumb. It's still Wal-Mart, just a grocery version. I cannot like them.

Marissa said...

I cannot either!


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