Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who needs Sudafed when you have Tabasco?

It's been a really great Saturday so far! Billy and I went to the gym (elliptical/weights). We go to one a little far form our house but we both like it better than the closer one. I just had some veggie soup ...or should I say Tabasco soup. Oh! I have a genius idea! Tabasco should make extra spicy soups (vegetarian friendly of course). In about an hour or so we are going to some some street fair with my parents and Scotty and MK.

Me and Billy before we left:

Some art:

We thought it was going to be 3D Chalk art but it wasn't. However, there was some pretty cool stuff! Unfortunately it was uber hot outside.

Tonight Will is coming over for some dinner. Billy is going to make chipotle mashed potatoes. His jalapeno mashed potatoes are AMAZING so I am sure the chipotle ones will be too!

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