Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hello my name is Marissa and I have a cookie problem

My mom and I baked cookies today and I may or may not have eaten a TON of oatmeal/whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. When Billy wakes up tomorrow he won't have a wife. On his pillow will be a cookie.

Oh my delicious! I have no idea where the recipe came from (Heaven?) but they are awesome.

For lunch I had an egg roll and some broccoli slaw. Dinner? Same. Ugh, boring palate. Whatever. Tofu egg rolls rock my world.

At 6:40am I was eating my leftover Mexican food from the ballet. The rice was icky but the burrito was yummy! I most certainly cannot be the only person eating Mexican food before the sun comes up on Saturday mornings.

Once the sun finally came up I ran to the gym so I could read Twilight.

1 mile run
60 min. elliptical
15 min. bike
Lower body exercises
Foam roller <3
1 mile walk

Once again I ran to the gym with my beloved Twilight book in hand. I am sure people driving by thought I was *CRAZY* but I don't care. I made a ridiculous promise to myself to read the glory that is Twilight only at the gym.

Tomorrow I hope to wake up later than 6:30. Billy and I are going to the gym and I am sooooo reading my book! Ahhh!! :)

Christmas shopping progress: um....I need to start.....

Billy: What are you blogging about wife?
Me (as my az glaze over): cookies....

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