Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Opposable Thumb

After work I met Billy at my parent's house. When I walked up to the door there was a glass of Carly Zin waiting for me. Oh how delicious it was! My dad made pasta with some sort of yummy bread. My mom foo-foo'ed up some sort of veggie sauce for me. I asked her what she added to it and she responded back with, "love." After one taste it was clear it contained a whole lot of love!! Everything she makes is like something some 5 star chef would make - only hers is def. a bazillion stars better!

I added red chili flakes, Tabasco, and jalapenos to my pasta. So spicy and yummy! For a little something sweet I took a sliver of fudge and a dollop of fat free cool whip. Billy is currently still at my parent's house watching some Mickey Mouse Christmas something. Today he told me one of the reasons he married me was because of how much he likes spending time with my family. There isn't an AW big enough for that :) I feel just as lucky to be a part of his family too.

I keep thinking about how badly I want to read Twilight! Curse myself for making the rule to only read it at the gym! At least it is motivation to go :)

The doctor's office didn't call me back so I still don't know if my surgery is Tuesday or Thursday of next week. I am really glad my mom is going to be there because it just makes everything seem ok. I am really glad my husband owns his own company so he can be there too (I asked him if he'd be there and then suggested he talk to his boss, lol). The last time they were both in the waiting room and it made me more at ease.

I need a time machine so I can start reading my book! Agh!

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Lauren said...

Hi Marissa! I am so glad you stopped by my blog and de-lurked! Yay!


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