Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thank you Outlook

1 minute ago...I looked in my purse for a piece of gum. :( none

1 day ago...I was so elated I can have surgery this year

1 week ago...I went to the gym and ate spicy food

1 month ago...I had the day off because of Veteran's Day :) and finished 100 facts about me

1 year ago...was a staff meeting

3 years ago...was December 2005. I was probably studying for finals.

5 years ago...was December 2003. I was a freshman in college and excited to spend my first Christmas with Billy :) <3

7 years ago...was December 2001. I was a Junior in HS and became a vegetarian

10 years ago...was December 1998. I was in 8th grade, had bangs, glasses, and braces. Oh boy!

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