Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pigs are friends, not food

This vegetarian sandwich contains: fiber English muffin, ff cheese slice, mustard, chili paste, and (OHHHHH SOOOOOOOOOOO DELCIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!) vegetarian ham slice.

I've bought vegetarian deli sliced ham before but I was too creeped out to try it. Well I am a changed person! It is super duper yummy!

(I put a thing of vanilla yogurt in the "freezer" (it's a dorm room type fridge) in hopes that it will taste like frozen yogurt. I know it is literally frozen yogurt but I am talking like frozen treat good not extra cold yogurt....<--- not sure if that makes sense anywhere except in my head. Update: :( The work "freezer" isn't cold enough. I added 1/4 c. Puffins to my vanilla yogurt.)

A little bit later it was apple/cracker time. Who ever invented this deliciously sweet/crunchy snack should get an award!

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