Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Official: I am a fan of Twilight

It's cloudy outside and chilly!  What a great Sunday :)

Billy and I ran to the gym.  Today's workout consited of:
- 30 minutes walking on the treadmill (3.0 speed 3-5 incline)
- 30 minutes on the bike
- Lower body exercises
- Lunges
- Stretches I learned in PT
- Using the foam roller (I love this thing!  It hurts really bad, but then I stand up and it's like ahhh...)

While biking and walking at the gym I read Twilight.  I'm officially hooked!  I'm only going to read the book at the gym.  That way it is like added motivation.  When we were running to and from the gym  I wondered how many people drove by me thinking, "Oh look it's a crazy girl that can't even run without the book" ha ha :)

In a little bit Billy and I are going to my dad's work's Christmas party (I have no idea if I used the ' correctly so I apologize in advance)

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