Tuesday, November 11, 2008

100 Facts About Yours Truly

1. I love my husband with all of my heart
2. I told my mom people that go to high school together don't get married - my husband and I went to HS together
3. I remember in 6th grade there was this new kid and he talked funny - it was little Southern Billy!
4. I have been a vegetarian since December 2001
5. I got my belly button pierced when I was 15 with an eyebrow bar bell and I never could figure out how to take it out
6. I was born in the wrong decade
7. I do not like scary movies
8. I need a lot of sleep to function
9. I refuse to Shop at Wal-Mart
10. Spicy food is my favorite
11. I love vegetables (except mushrooms and sometimes olives)
12. I love my hybrid
13. I think the health care situation in this country is completely ridiculous
14. I think the world will come to an end if I drink regular soda
15. I plan on drinking bourbon every day at 4pm when I retire
16. I have never ever dyed my hair
17. My brother, sista, and brotha are fabulous
18. When I am stressed out I bake and clean
19. I bake and clean when I am not stressed out
20. My favorite part of yoga is the clapping at the end
21. Since I hurt my hand I have not been able to go to yoga, or hold a glass in my hand, or have normal feeling in my index finger
22. Billy and I started dating on 6/22/03, engaged on 2/22/08, and married on 6/22/08
23. Billy asked my dad for permission to marry me on the anniversary of my dad proposing to my mom
24. Billy opens all doors for me - every time
25. I think it is important to be nice to everyone
26. I used to take a nap everyday - now I do not
27. I don't cuss, ever
28. I go to www.dailypuppy.com everyday
29. My wedding was the best day of my entire life
30. I have no concept of paying attention to details (Thankfully Billy does)
31. I am really glad Billy started his own company
32. I hate skiing (I cried the whole way down the mountain. thank you Billy for not ditching me on the mountain)
33. The thought of trying to scuba dive again makes me panicky - I will NEVER do that again!
34. My favorite thing to do is cook and drink wine with my husband
35. I am the world's worst parker
36. I used to work out everyday and that resulted in an injury
37. My mom rocks - she's smart, she makes delicious things, she saves lives ...basically she rocks
38. I am terrible about returning library books
39. I am not capable of sympathy - only empathy
40. I like reading the wedding section of the New York Times
41. I love pickles
42. I think watching sports on TV is incredibly boring
43. I am terrible at packing ( Example: Billy and I were going to a cabin for the weekend and I packed my bathing suit. I knew there wasn't going to be a pool but I thought I might need it)
44. The fact that rBST is legal in this country is completely appalling
45. I like getting pedicures but not manicures (I can't read a magazine, I find it boring, the nail polish chips too soon...)
46. I hate how the news dwells on only negative things
47. Novocaine doesn't work for me (I read somewhere that redheads need more pain medication than the average person)
48. Billy once told me I should work in a soup kitchen because I can make dinner out of anything
49. Flying scares me but not as much as driving somewhere does
50. I cannot wink my right eye
51. I never go to sleep and wake up when my alarm goes off - I wake up a ton during the night
52. I graduated from college a semester early
53. I love Christmas Eve
54. I am loud - indoor voice what?
55. My dad is the King of Corn and my husband is the Prince of Corn - I love every minute of it
56. I had the most beautiful (and delicious!) wedding cake I have ever seen and Billy's mom made it
57. Everything happens for a reason
58. I wish I liked hot tea (It just looks so cool. I thought the same about oatmeal and now I love oatmeal so hopefully the same will be true for tea)
59. My mother in law is better than yours
60. I like dresses much better than pants
61. Now that my husband goes to sleep with me every night I fall asleep right away instead of tossing and turning
62. I like to look at the ocean and won't go in it
63. When I have bad dreams I shake my head and I wake up (Thanks Dad!)
64. Everyday I want to take Billy's truck to the animal shelter and adopt each and every single animal (I don't know how to drive a stick shift so I made need to have Billy's help!)
65. I could eat tofu for every meal (as long as it is crunchy and not mushy :P, I have had some bad tofu in my day)
66. I think it is weird I haven't always known my husband
67. I call the bathroom the loo
68. I think people should only be taken off of life support when they are brain dead - I know most people disagree
69. I like the Washington Monument (Hey that was my first thought - lets move on people!)
70. I cry every time I watch The Notebook
71. Driving on the freeway makes me nervous
72. I am always cold
73. My foot is super arched and Billy has flat feet - if we combined feet it would be the perfect foot
74. Road rage doesn't make sense to me (You wouldn't scream like that at someone if they weren't walking fast enough/accidentally too close to you/etc)
75. I am always paranoid that my alarm clock won't go off
76. I love surprises
78. If I go to sleep with socks on I always wake up with only one sock on

79. I am allergic to cats

80. I have never over drafted on my bank account

81. I am very clumsy!! (This is an understatement!)

82. I only hold the phone up to my right ear

83. I love the show "Jon and Kate Plus 8"

84. Chocolate chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream

85. I have trouble sitting still

86. I like egg salad sandwiches with pineapple and tomatoes

87. I cannot remember the last time I went to the mall

88. It is very important to have a little bit of dark chocolate everyday

89. If I could have an IV of diet Lipton green tea I would be a very happy camper

90. I am currently taking on one major organizational project a weekend (outside closet, inside closet, kitchen cabinets)

91. I think it is strange that most people my age and younger don't worry about HIV/AIDS (FACT: 25% of people in a blood drive from a high school that was in the same district as my high school tested positive - Not a charter school...one of the major ones)

92. I find this website funny

93. If I don't read a book the first day I get it I will probably never read it

94. I don't have a TV in my bedroom

95. My first concert was Moody Blues and I took my water baby with me

96. I know what my parents are getting me and Billy for Christmas (Billy does not)

97. I started running when I was 14 (whoa running for a decade...wonder how far I've ran)

98. "There must be a reason why some people can afford to live well. They must have worked for it. I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things that we could use," Mother Teresa.

99. I live for today - not tomorrow or yesterday

100. This took me three days

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