Saturday, November 1, 2008

Farmer's Market and Halloween

I am in love! :) After my morning run (no pain again..yippee!!) Billy and I went to our first Farmer's Market in awhile. I really cannot put into words how wonderful it is! Right near the front is this huge farm but Billy and I decided to walk around for a little bit. We found a farm owned by a husband and wife. The woman was Asian and they had a lot of really exotic foods. We picked up: apples, potatoes, Thai chiles (sooo excited to try those!), cilantro, garlic, a lime, and asparagus. All for $11!!!

It is so great because we are supporting local small farmers. The organic food and the grocery store comes from all over so even if it is organic it probably took a whole lot of gas to get it here. Plus they are selling organic food for way cheaper than the grocery stores. There are so many big farms that dominate the market that small farmers don't even have a chance. I think it is very important to be socially conscious with how you spend your money.

Last night Billy and I walked across the street to my parent's house. Every year my parents have a fire in their driveway and we sit and hang out and hand out candy to trick or treaters. Billy's family also came over. My mom made the most delicious vegetarian chili I have ever had!! She's been making it for years but some how I've never had it. We handed out candy and then took the dogs for a walk. Then we went to this guy's house who decorates his house every year in a very over the top crazy way. My mom (in here Malificant Costume) had a stare down with a goth was pretty funny.

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