Monday, November 24, 2008

No knee pain

I am in love! My knee sleeves came today. After work Billy and I went to the gym. I did the rolling StairMaster (is it just me or is that thing harder than any other cardio equipment?!). I had ZERO knee pain. It was awesome! After my work out the knee sleeve acted like a sort of heating pad (less hot)...which is perfect on muscles!

After the gym I swung by my parent's house. My mom bought me a black work skirt from the Gap, a work top, and a cream colored sweater. I tried them on and they all fit! I suggested to my mom that she do this professionally (only charge people for it and not give them free clothes).

Then Billy and I went to see my dad for dinner. I had a veggie sandwich (no sprouts, no dressing, add pineapple, and of course add a whole bottle of Tabasco [obviously]) and a salad. I brought some Asian dressing with me and it was DELICIOUS! I saved half of my food to have for lunch tomorrow.

Then Billy and I went to Target to get TP. We walked in and Billy asked if we should grab a basket. I responded back, "of course" in a tone like if he had asked me if the sky was blue. I am not capable of going to the store and only getting what I went there for (but in all honesty can any one? I think not). I decided that I need a traveling coffee mug so can drink my Seattle's Best Cinnabon coffee on the way to work. That way I can be extra perky! Starting tomorrow my schedule at work has changed and I now get to go in 1-2 hours later. Please do not ask me why after 2 years and now getting to go in later that I am deciding I need to drink coffee. It makes sense in my head and that is all that matters.

[Note: I think I heard somewhere blogs are supposed to be short. Unfortunately sometimes (always) I am over chatty]

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