Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Google and type in your first name followed with "needs" and see what comes up.

Marissa needs to receive a glucagon shot, preferably by the school nurse. (I am gonna go with a big fat NO on that one!)
Marissa needs to stop signing petitions in other people's names. (Haha I would totally so this..j/k)
Marissa needs your numbers because I lost them all! (No I have not)
Marissa needs the services that the state was ordered to pay for three years ago. (AARON!)
Marissa needs a smooth surface to be able to practice walking. (TRUE.)
Marissa needs help packing. (SO TRUE)
Marissa needs to have a sit-down talk with both parents present. (Uh oh...what did I do?)
Marissa needs to eat a sandwich. (I just ate a fake chicken patty so I am ok)
Marissa needs to do something fantastic next week or she's gone. (Gone where? Is that a threat?)
Marissa needs to be taken to a hospital in Argentina. (That doesn't sound like such a good idea)
Marissa needs to tone down the gushing. (I am an enthusiastic person!)
Marissa needs to at least try to be polite. (I am polite...most of the time)

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