Friday, November 14, 2008


Today after we had lunch with Billy's mom Billy and I went to the Social Security Office. I know, I's been almost 5 months. The thought of sitting around has kept me from going. I decided today was the day! I went to Google Maps to get directions. My brain cannot understand directions AT ALL. All I understood was go south on this street and after that I was so confused! I didn't know which was was up, down, straight, east...and I began to feel dizzy (Drama Queen!). Luckily Billy is not directionally challenged like me so he told me when to turn. We pull up and this dude in a unifrom asks why were are there. I explain why and he says they do not do that sort of thing here,


This is how I found them:
1. Googled Social Security
2. Clicked on Marriage, Divorce, Name Changess
3. Printed and filled off the form (I had to call my mom to get her and my dad's social security Numbers. Note to self: memorize Billy's SSN because wives should know these sorts of things.
4. Clicked on locate an office
5. Went to the office and was turned away.

Why would you let me link to the map of somewhere that doesn't do this?

What exactly goes on in that building all day?

On the way home I concluded that this is all George W. Bush's fault. Billy didn't say anything during my tangent so that must mean I was being completely logical.

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