Sunday, November 30, 2008


This tastes like a liquid sugar cookie!!!!! WOWZA!!! I had to call 10 places to find it but oh my is it worth it!

This calorie free sugar cookie is AMAZING!!!!

I am going back to Whole Foods to stash up!

::Jumps for joy::

Background: I started drinking wine because I like the glass it is served in. I started eating oatmeal because I thought that's what healthy people do (sooo delicious! I am not sure how I got by without it!!) and I really wanted to drink hot tea because how freaking cool are tea pots?!!?! This is the perfect "gateway tea" to more traditional hot teas.

I am starting a new grown up ritual: taking a shower before bed and then making a spot o' tea and reading before bed.

[If I could add any more exclamation points to this blog I sooooo would!!...!!!!!...ok I'll knock it off.... !!!!...]

Today's work out (I am going to start blogging what I do so I can recognize when I am getting back into the habit of working out too much):
- Bike for 15 minutes (Read the Sunday Paper so time flew by)
- Treadmill for 20 (12 running and 8 walking on an incline - thanks to my lovely knee sleeves I am now running pain free. I don't want to over do it so I am easing back into running. The website is right on with sizes. The small fits perfectly!)
- 5 minutes on the rolling stair master (Wow! this one is tough!)
- Lunges and stretching
- Arm weights (easing back into this one because of my arm surgery)

Tomorrow is going to be at least a 10 hour work day so I won't be working out (taking a day off from working out is always good!)

(Other exciting news: My husband asked me to start buying soy milk instead of regular for him ::swoons::)

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