Thursday, November 20, 2008

Neeeighh....Noooooooo :*(

At the event for my work today I saw a horse. I've never really been around horses because they FREAK ME OUT! The horse tonight almost fell and was flipping the f--- between two pieces of art (total value for each of them over one million dollars).  I nearly had a heart attack!  Then the horse was tied up to a tree and I swear on Tabasco Sauce it was giving me the evil eye.  You know how cats push their ears back when they are mad? Well the horse did the EXACT SAME thing!  To top it all off the horse was even moving its demon mouth around like it was cursing and two seconds away from kicking someone (read: me).  If it wasn't tied up I am sure it would have raced right towards me and plowed me over and would have pounced on me until I was smooshed up!  Oh, and the tree it was attached to?  Yeah the horse was eating it could chew it and push it over on me and smoosh me that way! 

Moral of the story: Horses are big ol beasts that hate me with all of their hearts and should be feared by everyone!!

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