Saturday, November 8, 2008


I just got back from getting my hair cut. I told my stylist Kristy what I wanted and she said it just may be enough to donate to Locks of Love. She put my hair in a ponytail and we were close but it didn't meet the minimum 6 inch requirement. So I told her to go shorter. I got about 8 inches cut off and I am so glad I did that! Now some little girl with cancer can have fabulous red hair :)

Here is my hair before

Before the wedding:


Heidi :) said...

SO cute!

Kelly said...

I like the new hair cut.. and for such a good cause wish my hair would grow long enough for me to cut 8 inches off

Marissa said...

Thank you both! The thought of some little girl with cancer being hapy with her new hair makes me sooo happy!

Barbara said...

What an awesome thing to do you are always doing something good for other people. The new style looks great. Billy is one lucky guy.


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